Entry #1


2007-07-17 19:16:11 by Dragy2005

Why hello!!!

Alright, so, here I am testing new NG's profile news post system, like a little kid who just got another month on WoW from his parents (never happens). I like the new design, though I'd love it if I could edit the submissions I'm a part of and not the sender, and show my real name and not my nickname on these submissions. OH WELL.
In any way, me, the dude who made A Retarded Movie with me and a musician we've met are going release a big game soon, and since I like this system (well, at least today I do) I might post a couple of images of the game as it comes to its release.

The game is going great and I can't wait to see people's response to it.

Not that I expect ANYONE to read this post,
Me, out.


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2007-07-26 01:03:52


Dragy2005 responds:

Shut the fuck up.


2007-08-18 07:51:33

lol XD


2007-10-11 20:31:39

I read it...do I geta cookie now, er...sonting AT LEAST HUGGLES!


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