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Interlocked - A 3d puzzle game - it's out!

2011-02-23 16:59:59 by Dragy2005

Hey guys, check out my latest submission while it's still fresh:) Interlocked is a 3d puzzle game, a collaboration I've been on along with Nikita for some time now.

Click here to play Interlocked!

And if you liked Interlocked, then you might as well like it, you know, in case we have any news for ya


Interlocked - A 3d puzzle game - it's out!


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2011-02-23 20:22:26

Great game, and great artwork. I am stuck on #17 right now.
Space bar and mouse are the best combo ever.
Great job.

Dragy2005 responds:

Thanks. Keep in mind there's a question mark icon ontop. You guys can always use it for hints, it's a walkthrough video we recorded.


2011-03-05 15:36:52

Once again my man you have made an amazing creation.
I hope you give in on my idea of working for Microsoft and publishing your games on Xbox Live instead.


Dragy2005 responds:

Thanks man!


2011-03-19 00:24:22

when will you launch echoes act 2??
cant wait -DMD out..

Dragy2005 responds:

When It's done:)


2011-03-19 08:53:03

Do you use AS3 or AS2?

Probably AS3.

Dragy2005 responds:

Indeed AS3. I used AS2 only for Portal: The Flash Version.
If you have programming questions regarding Interlocked then you should ask Nikita, he's the lead programmer on that one:)